Natural Power Eliminates Odour

Afresh pads eliminate odour-causing bacteria and encourage gentle hygienic protection

Keeping fresh, Easing itching

Afresh pads maintain fresh feeling all day long, soothe irritation and relieves discomfort

What people are saying

Afresh pads smell really fresh and minty, so much better than perfumed sanitary products. Didn’t expect a “tingle” but got over it and left me feeling fresh and hygienic all day. The night pads lasted from when I went to sleep to when I woke up in the morning, no leaks, and I work feeling as fresh as I went to sleep.

Lisa Williams
- Brecon

These pads are excellent. They keep you fresh all day. The adhesive is great and the fit is excellent. I love the cooling sensation. If you have shaved or are very sensitive, you may get a burning sensation. I got used to this sensation and actually miss it when I ran out Afresh pads. The foil packets keep the pads fresh and are good for travelling with or putting in your handbag.

Izzy Roberts
- Sheffield

Fantastic! Best pads I’ve used I was left feeling cool, fresh and clean. The smell is awesome. I’m usually self-conscious wearing pads but not with these. Best period I’ve ever had. Thank you Afresh!

Donna Barnes
- Scunthorpe